County Commissioner meeting 2/12/15

In another matter, council and Seneca County commissioners are to meet in a committee of the whole at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 12 at North Central Ohio Educational Service Center to discuss the joint justice center.

Representatives from Burgess and Niple, which conducted a feasibility study on the joint justice center, and representatives from Gossman Group, which completed the East Tower study, are to attend to answer questions about the studies.

No action is planned at the meeting and, while the public is invited, no public comment is to be allowed. Additional meetings are to be scheduled to allow for comment, Council President Rich Cline said.

Joint talks

Seneca County commissioners are planning to meet with Tiffin City Council members sometime next week to discuss the East Tower study, the board reported during its regular meeting Tuesday.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said the county and city are stewards of taxpayer money and must understand the costs of using the Courthouse Square or East Tower as the site of a possible joint justice center.

Central space downtown can add value to a city

Why should all of us in the Tiffin area be concerned about the quality of Tiffin's downtown, particularly about what goes on at the "center" of our community? It matters for all of us because, when people make best use of a city's center, it improves the quality of life and puts money in the pockets of almost everyone who lives in the community.

Kalnow Addresses Rumors

Kalnow Addresses Rumors

Andrew Kalnow explains:   “There have been a number of rumors recently whirling rather wildly regarding the town Green, the East Tower as a JJC, and the various parties and factions involved.  Here is what is true and what is false….”

 It is 1000% FALSE that I have, or will, turn my back on citizen interest and efforts to preserve the Green.

Kalnow cautions about East Tower study

Kalnow cautions about East Tower study

The study does not really compare costs on an apple-to-apple basis, because:

  • The 2-building JJC complex proposed for location on the town Green will duplicate many things that a single building plan at the East Tower will not need.
  • The East Tower does not need 54,000 square feet as a JJC, because it does not need to have the duplicative facilities of the proposed 2-building  JJC complex on the town Green.

Changing the date to evaluate the East Tower study

January 21, 2015

The Advertiser-Tribune

By Brittany Cook - Staff Writer (

Zoeller also requested changing the date to evaluate the East Tower study and the possibility of turning it into a joint justice facility.

Commissioners had agreed to make a decision on the justice center proposal by Feb. 10.

Since the study is expected to be done Jan. 28, Zoeller suggested moving the evaluation to Feb. 17, which would give commissioners time to consider study results.

The board approved the motion.