Under East Tower LLC 2012-Present

The building was purchased by Andrew Kalnow, chairman/CEO of National Machinery LLC, in late 2012 with the intention of ultimate restoration and a possible springboard for downtown development. In early 2013 it was quietly suggested to certain public officials that the building and site could be considered for a new
justice facility. 

Proposed Joint Justice Center(JJC)

In March 2014, following the surprise announcement by public officials of a proposed new JJC on the green space that was the site of the old courthouse, Kalnow publicly broke the news of his ownership of the "East Tower". More importantly he stated that, contrary to the opinion of the NCOR-COG's report, the East Tower has various advantages as a building/site for a new courthouse, or JJC. Among them is that the old courthouse square would be preserved as a permanent town Green for the citizens of the city and the county, and serve as a critical centerpiece of and spring-board for downtown revitalization. 

East Tower LLC Photos