Developing East Tower

East Tower is a historical structure built in 1893 and formerly housed the East Junior High School and Columbian High School located at the corner of East Market & Jefferson Streets. The building was purchased by Andrew Kalnow, chairman/CEO of National Machinery LLC, in 2012 with a vision of it being restored and becoming a cornerstone of revitalization on downtown Tiffin. The East Tower is available for development.

 General Advantages Include:

·        The building is structurally sound

·        Life expectancy of this building will outlive a newer constructed building

·        Cost per square foot for “renovation” is generally lower than “new construction”

·        Architectural beauty and structural elements of a unique older building like the East Tower cannot be replicated with a
    modern edifice with new construction materials

·   Statuesque structure becoming an important public use building

·        Historic as well as spacious and utilitarian public use areas

·        Rooms with historical character

·        Adequate parking

·        Source of pride for citizens

·        A springboard to “main street” revitalization of downtown

·        Preserves sight-lines to beautiful downtown Tiffin’s historic building facades

·        Promotes shopping and restaurant use in downtown area