Developing East Tower into the Joint Justice Center

East Tower is a historical structure built in 1893 and formerly housed the East Junior High School and Columbian High School located at the corner of East Market & Jefferson Streets. The building was purchased by Andrew Kalnow, chairman/CEO of National Machinery LLC, in 2012 with a vision of it being restored and becoming a cornerstone of revitalization on downtown Tiffin. The East Tower is available for development, including use as the site of the proposed Joint Justice Center.

 General Advantages Include:

·        The building is structurally sound

·        Life expectancy of this building will outlive a newer constructed building

·        Cost per square foot for “renovation” is generally lower than “new construction”

·        Architectural beauty and structural elements of a unique older building like the East Tower cannot be replicated with a
    modern edifice with new construction materials

Advantages as a Joint Justice Center (JJC):

        ·   Statuesque structure becoming an important public use building

·        Historic as well as spacious and utilitarian public use areas

·        Courtrooms or magistrate rooms with historical character

·        Need less total square footage to fulfill JJC needs as one structure as opposed to two (i.e., newly built courthouse and
    the Annex), as well as probably lower operating costs as one building

·        Adequate parking

·        Source of pride for citizens

·        A springboard to “main street” revitalization of downtown by preserving the Green

Allows for preservation of the town green:

·        Critical to Revitalizing Downtown Tiffin that can benefit all

·        Preserves sightlines to one of the most beautiful downtowns in Ohio with Tiffin’s historic building facades

·        Facilitates a vibrant outside entertainment venue

·        Promotes shopping and restaurant use in downtown area