Kalnow Addresses Rumors

Andrew Kalnow explains:   “There have been a number of rumors recently, whirling rather wildly regarding the town Green, the East Tower as a JJC, and the various parties and factions involved.  Here is what is true and what is false….”

TRUE:    There has been some discussion this past week among the parties/factions through a friendly intermediary.

TRUE:    There is consensus among the parties that we are all interested in what is best for Tiffin and Seneca County, and that we agree in spirit to be constructive in our dialogue toward a solution…  rather than make acrimonious comments in public and in written communications with fellow citizens.

TRUE:  That the commissioners and judges toured the East Tower this past Tuesday. (I commend them for their interest in being fully informed, and I am hopeful that they will make a balanced decision with regard to the location of a planned Joint Justice Center, if there is to be a new JJC built in Tiffin.)

FALSE:   That in the course of this agreed approach, which includes East Tower LLC and I conceding to the wishes of the Commissioners and others to show and/or make the East Tower solution reasonably cost neutral as a JJC, that I have turned my back on the widespread and passionate interest of so many citizens to preserve the town Green as it now stands.  It is 1000% FALSE that I have, or will, turn my back on citizen interest and efforts to preserve the Green.