Our Community and Proud County Seat

The East Tower is part of a much bigger picture.  It is a shared vision for revitalizing downtown Tiffin.  Re-vitalization that brings economic development & growth, downtown community activity & vitality, and pride in the history & beauty of our County seat…   all along with a justice center equipped with modern & convenient facilities. 

The East Tower as a justice center will springboard the re-vitalization of 
downtown Tiffin and our community by:

        1. Preserving  the old courthouse square as a town Green
        2. Restoring  to life the historic and prominent East Tower as a 
            justice center
        3. Facilitating community life and vitality in our downtown
        4. Enlivening  the “main street” charm of and people’s pride in historical    
            downtown Tiffin, one of the Midwest’s most beautiful county seats… 
            If the town Green survives
        5. Driving economic development in downtown Tiffin and growth in
            Seneca County

This mission is aimed at not just hitting a home run, but delivering a Grand Slam.  This vision can be a reality.

I will do my part.  I have offered to donate the East Tower building to the City of Tiffin and Seneca County, if it is to be used as a joint justice center. 
I make that statement again here in this public announcement.


Andrew H. Kalnow

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